Wendy Harmer & Robbie Buck Sign On ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast Show To Live Audience

Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck came out “on the right foot” after ending three years of breakfast on ABC Radio Sydney in front of a live audience.

The show is the second most popular in the competitive Sydney breakfast radio market and garnered 15.9% of the audience in the latest audience poll.

Harmer and Buck teamed up to share hosting duties in 2018, combining the breakfast and morning segments into one four-hour show.

Harmer said there was a lot of doubt about the duo’s compatibility when they first joined forces.

“In the beginning there was a lot of impact on the furniture,” she said.

“A lot of people would always say, ‘I wouldn’t put two bucks to keep you together,’ but we proved them wrong.”

Harmer and Buck have about 60 years of broadcasting experience between them.

Harmer is also one of Australia’s best-known comedians and the author of several books.

Robbie Buck and Wendy Harmer share a laugh on their last broadcast.(ABC News: Michael Luu)

Buck has been a broadcaster with the ABC for 25 years, including 13 years with the triple j youth network.

He said he would take time off before returning to the national broadcaster in 2023.

“I’m now planning to take a year off the mic and see the world. It’s not a goodbye to ABC,” he said.

“Lots of give and take”

Harmer said there had been “a lot of give and take” between the two because they were both “very bossy characters.”

“He is known in his family as Traffic Hob Bob and I am known as Mrs. Would-You-Please-Shut-Up-And-Let-Me-Do-My-Thing,” he said. she declared.

“Is it a compromise or is it something on the Western Front?” “

Buck said the couple often had fun despite the early mornings.

“One of the reasons we wanted to get up at 3:45 am each morning and smash our faces against the brick wall that is Australian politics is that we really have fun a lot,” Buck said.

Buck said Harmer made him laugh as well as the audience because “his brain works in such a strange way.”

“While I have a linear brain that goes from A to B, whereas with Wendy, we would go from A to B and suddenly we are at X.”

Farewell messages from fans

Hundreds of listeners sent messages of love and support to Harmer and Buck both via text and in person on their last show at ABC Ultimo Headquarters.

Hi Wendy and Robby, I took a day off today to hear from you both for the last time. Thanks thanks thanks ! When I was so scared and alone last year, you kept me sane. Your show always reminded me that good times will come back eventually. I wish you both all the best for the future. You will be sorely missed. Steph Georgeson xxx

Dear Wendy & Robbie, Thank you for giving us a brilliant start to the day over the years, no matter what was going on in the world or in our lives. The energy, honesty, love, laughs, great music and the advice you shared with us will also keep us in a good position for this change! As you embark on your new adventures, I simply wish you the best as you both are! => B = Bronwyn from Blaxland

Hello, Hello Roby and Wendy, Thank you for all these years of service. I have been your listener since 2018. I learned a lot through your show filled with laughter and great music. We always feel at home, when I listen to you. I am sad that I am not getting old listening to you. THANK YOU. Ashdeep Eddy Lama Strathfield.

“Through tragedies and triumphs”

Harmer and Buck said they would miss being there with people “through tragedies and triumphs” on ABC Radio Sydney.

“To be in these people’s lives for a short time and share their experiences is a really rare thing and a great privilege,” Buck said.

“It’s a very hard thing to let go of because when you’re part of it, it’s a powerful vehicle and a wonderful thing and brings such an incredible level of humanity.”

James Valentine will be returning to ABC Radio Sydney’s breakfast show next week.

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