The decision to cancel the school is not taken “lightly” by the districts | Education

The decision to cancel in-person learning in area school districts is not taken lightly by school administrators.

Whether it’s talking to weather experts or checking road conditions, there are many factors that are taken into account before a school day is canceled.

Hardin County Schools and Elizabethtown Independent Schools made the decision to cancel in-person classes Thursday with the threat of the first heavy snowfall of the season in the forecast.

HCS spokesperson John Wright said after district officials spoke to the National Weather Service he said their confidence was “extremely high” in bringing students and staff on the roads would be a dangerous situation.

The area received about eight inches of snow Thursday and driving conditions around the county were considered dangerous on snow-covered roads.

HCS has a page on its website that contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding winter weather and schools.

He says the district is monitoring the forecast hourly and keeping in touch with local and state officials.

The HCS FAQ states that decisions should be made early on, as bus tours typically take three hours to complete across the county. A decision to cancel school is then sent through their Send It system, formerly One Call, and other communication channels.

Wright said they want to use them sparingly and that Districts have 10 to use each year.

“We went with what was in front of us, and obviously we made the right choice,” he said.

HCS had non-traditional education Thursday for students.

IST Superintendent Kelli Bush said the process of determining a snow day begins with monitoring the forecast and discussing with the right experts.

“We never take a decision lightly,” she said.

She said that once they felt a certain weather forecast came true, they would then decide to make the call.

At EIS, in-person classes were canceled and there was no NTI. She said that’s because the # 1 goal this year is for students to learn in person for as many days as possible. The snow day will have to be made up at the end of the school year.

However, she said that NTI for the district in the future was not ruled out and it might be the best option given each situation.

“We don’t know what the future still holds in store for us with COVID and other things and there may be times when that will be the best option,” she said.

Bush said Thursday that the concern now is the drop in temperatures that will follow the snow.

Fort Knox Community Schools canceled classes for today halfway through Thursday.

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