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Network Traffic Analytics Market: What’s Driving Industry Interest

Network traffic analysis (technologies and solutions) is gaining traction with companies in various industries looking to implement comprehensive cybersecurity programs for various purposes. The range of solutions in the network traffic analysis market can be quite wide, but the starting point is to analyze whether the origin of the data is mapped to the correct destination. Identifying security and operational issues to optimize network performance and detect vulnerable protocols, isolate security threats, and deep packet inspection are some of the major applications of these technologies. The role of technologies and solutions in detecting and preventing unauthorized WAN traffic is growing, as is the analysis of network traffic use cases in cybersecurity programs. The role of these programs in gaining complete visibility into network uptime and availability has also increased in network monitoring.

The network traffic analysis market has evolved significantly over the years, to meet the advanced needs of encrypted traffic analysis and entity tracking. The study presents a careful examination of the major drivers and trends, the prevailing competitive scenario in the key markets and the winning business propositions that the major incumbent players can exploit in the near future.

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Network Traffic Analysis Market: Drivers

The demand for products in the network traffic analysis market has arisen from the demand for robust cybersecurity programs to thwart attackers’ attempts to find creative ways to threaten the security of computing resources, applications, end users and network destinations. The adoption of network traffic analysis to generate alerts based on network traffic to the internal interfaces of firewalls has also increased significantly. Additionally, growing threats of ransomware attacks among enterprises are a key demand driver in the network traffic analytics market.

Another key trend in the network traffic analysis market is the growing demand for such a solution in IoT connected devices and smart consumer devices. CIOs in organizations across all industries therefore consider network traffic analysis products and solutions to be a worthwhile investment in securing the network. Network modernization for smart city infrastructure is a key factor that has significantly broadened the horizon of the network traffic analysis market. Another key proposition is adhering to network security protocols for organizations in the healthcare industry, where IoT devices have proliferated.

Network Traffic Analytics Market: Consumer Proposition Companies Research

A growing number of companies are relying on leveraging advanced technologies and advanced tools in products used in network traffic analysis. The integration of machine learning and AI has enhanced the capability of network traffic analysis products. The major players are targeting new revenue streams with the intention of meeting the current and emerging needs of cloud solution providers and users across various industries. A few companies see a steady opportunity in the network traffic analysis makrut by offering advanced cyber threat prevention to organizations in the government sector. The growing importance of the protocol for identity management in the corporate sector is another compelling proposition targeted by various market players.

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Some of the Major Network Traffic Analytics Market Players Are:

  • solar winds
  • NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.
  • NEC Corporation
  • Core security technologies
  • Cloudflare, Inc.
  • Broadcom Corporation
  • Awake Security Inc.

Network Traffic Analytics Market: Regional Growth Dynamics

In the global landscape, developed and emerging economies in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America were potentially lucrative markets. Emerging economies in particular have witnessed massive opportunities, due to growing awareness of the benefits of a robust cybersecurity protocol. Additionally, increasing spending on the solutions by organizations across all industries in the developed countries of North America and Asia-Pacific has fueled the revenue generation in the global network traffic analytics market.

This intelligence report by TMR is the result of intense study and rigorous evaluation of the various dynamics shaping market growth. TMR is backed by a tight-knit team of analysts, strategists, and industry experts who provide clients with tools, methodologies, and frameworks to make smarter decisions. Our goals, insights, and actionable analytics empower CXOs and executives to confidently move their core priorities forward.

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Careful consideration of various forces impacting market dynamics, and key and associated industries, guides businesses in understanding various consumer propositions. Our clients leverage this insight and insight to improve the customer experience in a rapidly changing business environment.

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