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What is this motorcycle exactly?

The Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2022 is the latest generation of an iconic nameplate that the brand produced from 1938-1940 and 1947-1966, then relaunched for modern thrill seekers in 2019. This means it’s packed with plenty history, along with cosmetic and performance changes over the past few years, all yearning for a fast and fun cafe racer that won’t break the bank.

Is this new?

Relatively. The bike was distributed to dealerships over the summer and I had a few weeks of quality seat just before the end of the beach season.

What makes the Speed ​​Twin special?

A number of notable updates over the last few Speed ​​Twins. Among other improvements, the latest version offers more peak power, more power and torque at mid-range, forks, brakes, more efficient tires for better handling, improved driving modes (Road, Rain and Sport) and better quality ABS and LED lighting with daytime running light for added safety.


The appearance of the bike has also received a slight facelift. It now sports new 12-spoke wheels, brushed stainless steel pipes, anodized headlight and fender mounts, and contoured and striped tank graphics.

How does this Triumph ride?

If you’ve read some of my Indian and Zero motorcycle reviews, you’ll know this is easily my favorite question. Because no matter what else a bike has to offer, the feel of the ride and the feeling you get when riding is by far the most important and most memorable factor. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not thrilled every time you throw a leg up on your motorcycle, just dreaming of the fun that awaits you, what’s the point of owning one?

Without further ado, I can sum up my thoughts on driving the Speed ​​Twin in six words: he resuscitated my love of motorcycles. The reasons are both personal and technical. On a personal note, it’s fascinating to see a Triumph motorcycle again because my first and only personal motorcycle came from this brand. It was a 2014 Bonneville T-100 that brought me a lot of adventure, joy and pain.

Triumph Speed ​​2022 Twin Motorcycle Dashboard


The reasons for these first two names are obvious – it’s a beautiful beast with siege, wing, mirror, and soft lighting mods – while the third stems from how city life can be. rough on a motorcycle. My bike endured freezing temperatures, rained and snowed in, saw several covers and twist-off accessories mysteriously disappear, all of its threads were cut, knocked over several times and more.

All the abuse has meant for me a motorcycle education – but also a bicycle which, like an old dog, no longer kicks in like before. So, going back to my six-word synopsis, riding a brand new Triumph brought all my budding motorcycle joy back to roar… and more. After all, technically, the new Speed ​​Twin weighs almost 20 pounds less than Bonnie’s, while still boasting a 33% larger engine (1,200 cc vs. 900 cc).

Twin Triumph Speed ​​Motorcycle 2022


The resulting power-to-weight ratio, combined with some of the improvements mentioned above, results in a small, fast lane splitter. I put it to the test all over the New York metro area and found it to be incredibly agile at maneuvering in and out of traffic at high and low speeds. Its finer features may have gotten to the best possible test when I gave my friend Holly her very first motorcycle ride on a balmy Saturday.

I picked it up in Brooklyn and we went to Coney Island. The outing was a relatively relaxed getaway, but on the way back the bike really shone. I absolutely had to be somewhere at a certain time… which required me to literally pull out all the stops, with my novice passenger in tow, on the 20 mile trip to Manhattan. Holy shit Did we cut off the traffic in the early evening, bypassing all kinds of legal lines as we blew up the Belt Parkway and flew over Flushing Avenue, crashed over the Manhattan Bridge and crashed into Canal Street. Did I do it on time? Yes. Was Holly both thrilled and convinced that I was a bike lane? May be.

Speed ​​Twin Triumph 2022


The real point is, this bike brought back all the thrill of a ride that may seem old school, but packed with new-school performance features that deliver a powerful adrenaline rush far exceeding any expectations that the price tag. affordable (base $ 12,500) brings to mind. Most impressive for me was its acceleration to already high speeds. Not every bike – certainly mine – can quickly go from 60 miles per hour to 85 when the time demands it, but this Speed ​​Twin answered that call without hesitation. Alleluia.

Something else stands out?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few small quibbles, of course. The first is heat. When the Speed ​​Twin really ignites, you start to feel this hell around your shins. It’s not dangerous, as long as you are wearing pants, but it can cause a moment or two.

Second, and it’s very personal, but super sporty metal footrests are not my proverbial cup of Earl Gray. I prefer stronger stakes that make it easy to stand on the bike, not only to stretch my legs, but to watch the scene when traffic slows down, and it’s certainly easier on the bigger ones like those in my house. old battered Bonnie.

Twin Triumph Speed ​​Motorcycle 2022


Finally – and this one really only applies to runners who reside in urban areas where the streets can be narrow and the congestion quite tight – I don’t like the stock mirrors. They protrude from the ends of the handlebars in a way that is not exactly optimal for diving in and out of traffic. I found myself constantly worried about removing mirrors from other vehicles, especially on my Coney-to-Chelsea speedrun. Fortunately, no such cut has taken place, but my beard may have grown a few gray hairs in the process.

That said, this bike looks a bit like a Honda Civic in that it lends itself to a lot of customization. Triumph itself offers over 50 custom accessories covering everything from seats and grips to cylinder head bolt covers, all developed alongside the bike for a seamless fit. This means that just like I tweaked my T-100, you can make the Speed ​​Twin your own – and love it just as irrationally.

How much does it cost ?

The base price of the 2022 Triumph Speed ​​Twin is $ 12,500.

2022 Triumph Speed ​​Twin

Twin Triumph Speed ​​Motorcycle 2022


Base price: $ 12,500

Motor: 1,200 cc liquid-cooled transverse parallel twin

Gearbox: six speed

Power : 98.6 at 7,250 rpm

Couple: 83 lb-ft @ 4,250 rpm

EPA Fuel Economy: 41.8 mpg


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