Cal Thomas: Competition and Necessary Choice in Education

For the third consecutive day last week, the Chicago Teachers Union canceled classes, choosing to return to virtual learning and citing the dangers of the omicron variant as an excuse.

For many, this is seen only as a teachers’ strike and takeover by a union that historically supports Democratic politicians. Democrats send federal aid to the union, and the union then uses it to get more votes for Democrats. Does anyone else see a double problem in this mutual scratching system?

When Boston police went on strike in 1919, then Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge called the strikers “deserters” and “traitors,” adding in a telegram to Samuel Gompers, chairman of the American Federation of Labor, “There is no right to strike against public safety by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

While the situation in Chicago is different from the Boston police strike, the refusal of teachers to return to classrooms is causing a different kind of harm to children and parents. There is the mental and emotional damage to children, in addition to the challenges associated with learning at home and the financial and childcare strain on parents.

The federal government provided Illinois $ 5 billion to keep schools open and classroom instruction. Like many other states, Illinois used the money for other purposes. While technically permissible, politicians should demand reimbursement if states and cities are not using the money for the purposes for which it was intended.

Could the fact that most private and religious schools remained open during the pandemic could be because they did not have union bosses dictating them?

There may never be a better time to shatter the power of teacher unions, and what is possibly America’s last monopoly, the public school system.

The choice of school is the answer. Competition works in all other areas. It can also work in education. Currently, there are 27 voucher programs in 16 states and the District of Columbia, according to State Education Commission. More is needed and now is the time for voters to pressure politicians to create them in other states that do not offer them.

Illinois offers Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and their parents several types of school choices, including two private programs, charter schools, magnetic schools, home schooling, and school choice. public intra-district via an open registration policy ”, according to More parents should investigate and benefit from it.

The intellectual, moral and patriotic education of our children is the key to maintaining the country from which we have benefited for more than two centuries. Other countries, especially China, are ahead of us when it comes to math and science. They send many of their best students here to be educated at our best universities, and many then return to China to apply what they have learned in a way that promotes their country’s interests which are often contrary to ours.

One of the definitions of “monopoly” is “an exclusive privilege to operate a business, traffic or service, granted by a government”.

The education monopoly is long past its expiration date and must be dismantled. This will allow parents, not the government, to decide which system is best for their children. The choice of education prioritizes children over government and unions.

Cal Thomas is a union columnist.

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